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Below is the information you'll need in order to arrive here smoothly. Instructions vary depending on whether you're staying overnight or just commuting to the workshop by day.

Allen Center Information

All workshop events will be held in the Paul G. Allen Center, home of UW's Computer Science & Engineering department. Campus maps highlighting the building as well as maps of the actual building can be found below.
There is no parking lot located immediately next to the Allen Center, so parking directions will vary depending on whether you are commuting to the workshop or staying overnight. Please see the appropriate instructions below. Note: If you are riding a motorcycle, there is special parking instructions for you, please contact us for details.

Overnight Housing Information

Housing Information

All information related to overnight accommodations, including check in/out procedures, driving/parking instructions, can be found on the following page:

Housing Policies & Information

Directions to the Allen Center

You will walk from McMahon hall (your overnight accommodations) to the Allen Center. From McMahon Hall, follow Whitman Court until it hits Stevens Way. Continue straight (south) along Stevens way until you see the Paul G. Allen Center on your right. The walk takes 10-15 minutes. See the Allen Center section of this page for a campus map.

Commuter Information

Commuter Parking

Permits are required to park anywhere on the UW campus and can be obtained from the manned gatehouse in the underground garage off of 15th AVE NE and NE 41st ST. It is Gatehouse #1 on this map. We have pre-arranged parking for all of you. Tell them the password we have provided via email to receive a permit and get directions to the underground parking lot located beneath Red Square, most likely you will park in C-5. Your permit is good only for the day, so you will have to get a new one each morning and cannot leave your vehicle overnight (unless you are staying in the dorms).

In the (rare) event of a mix-up in which the attendant does not allow you through with the password, you will be charged a $15 parking fee. PAY THE FEE and tell Crystal what happened. She will be able to give you a sticker that will allow you to be reimbursed on your way out.

Bus Options

If you would prefer to take the bus, there are several routes that come directly onto campus. Please see the CSE Bus Directions page and the Metro Transit guide for more detailed information. If you track your expenses we will reimburse your bus fare at the end of the conference.

Commuter Directions

A fairly complete set of driving directions to the garage lot that we will be using can be found on the CSE department's generic directions page.

There are campus maps linked on the page, with the Paul G. Allen center circled in red. This is where all workshop events will be held.