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2009 Workshop Session Materials

Homework Assignment for those who wanted 2 University Credits

Frontiers of Computer Science

UW Computer science researchers discussed their fields and projects. The goal was to demonstrate the incredible diversity of problems which are best tackled by computer scientists.


Tactile Graphics

Panlingual Lexical Translation

Molecular Logic Circuits


  • Cryptography Made Easy Slides [.ppt]
  • The links shown during the cryptography talk are listed on this website

Why Choose CSE - Videos

  • Three videos produced by the UW CSE Department to highlight the diversity of the field of Computer Science
  • Pathways in CSE

CS Unplugged Part I

Activities designed to teach computer science topics without computers.

Debunking Stereotypes

A presentation discussing how myths and stereotypes can impact a students' view of computer science

Kindle, books, newspapers

Visual Programming Lab

Visual programming environments are perfect for teaching computational concepts and problem solving techniques without having to worry about syntax.

Human Computation


  • We taught you the basics of how to program interactively with Python. In particular, we looked at how to apply a programming technique known as recursion to write short but powerful Python functions. We also discussed how you teach the important but challenging topic of recursion.
  • Webpage for Stuart's Programming Presentation