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2008 Workshop Session Materials

All slides and materials used in the workshop sessions will be posted here for reference as they become available.

WorldWide Telescope

Jonathan Fay, Principal Software Developer for WorldWide Telescope, discussed the visually stunning Microsoft Research project which allows users to explore different parts of outer space. He showed different tours created by field experts as well as the authoring capabilities which could, for example, be used for student projects and presentations.

Frontiers of Computer Science

UW Computer science researchers discussed their fields and projects. The goal was to demonstrate the incredible diversity of problems which are best tackled by computer scientists.


RFID Ecosystem

Computing in the Developing World


Book Discussions

The organizers chose three books related to computer science which could be used to spark students' interest in computing or provide inspiration for lesson plans.


An accessible introduction to the intriguing field of cryptography including an overview of the history and mathematics of the field, as well as direct examples of how high-school-level mathematics correlate to cryptography techniques.

CS Unplugged

Activities designed to teach computer science topics without computers.

Oceanography and Computer Science

Complex sensor networks at the bottom of the ocean may help us better understand rainfall patterns, crop yields, earthquakes and climate change, among other things.

Visual Programming Lab

Visual programming environments are perfect for teaching computational concepts and problem solving techniques without having to worry about syntax.

Lego Mindstorms™ Robotics Lab

Robots are becoming more and more common in everyday applications. Students can learn about programming concepts in a hands-on way with these Lego robots.

Programming Lab: Track A

Python's light syntax makes it an ideal teaching language.

Programming Lab: Track B

Google and Montessori teach Gameboy programming

CS at UW

Statistics on computer science jobs to share with your students; more information on the UW program and what its graduates do.