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2007 Workshop Session Materials

All slides and materials used in each of the workshop sessions are posted here for reference. Workshop participants will also receive a CD/DVD containing many of the hands-on materials used in the workshop, including classroom-ready modules and videos.


Photos are posted here.

Slides and Handouts


Slides and Handouts

Computational Thinking
Jeannette Wing
The Computer Revolution Hasn't Happened Yet!
Alan Kay
  • Slides not yet available
  • Children Learning by Doing: Squeak Etoays on the OLPC XO draft (.pdf)
  • The Real Computer Revolution Hasn't Happened Yet (Pisa Honorary Doctorate Lecture 2007) slides (.pdf)
  • Our Human Condition ''From Space'' (the place of science in human thought) (.pdf)
Frontiers of Computer Science
Eitan Feinberg, Seth Cooper, Tapan Parikh
Cryptography Made Easy
Stuart Reges
  • Cryptography Made Easy Slides (.pdf), (.ppt)
  • The links shown during the cryptography talk are listed on this website
CS Unplugged
Tom Cortina
Biology and Computer Science
Tom Daniel
Computer Science Careers Panel
Crystal Eney, Moderator
Panelists Included:
  • Tam Armstrong, Sony Online Entertainment
  • Amanda Camp, Google
  • Crystal Hoyer, Microsoft
  • Agnes Kwan, Intel (retired)
  • Young-Mi Shin, Google
Squeak In Action
Stuart Reges / Alan Kay / Yoshiki Ohshima
This was a lab-based session in which participants explored the ''car'' demo, among other things, in Squeak.
  • Site for all things Squeak related to education: Squeakland
  • Site of Squeak projects that demonstrate high-school physics concepts: Nasa Connect
  • A second site of Squeak projects developed by Randall Caton (author of the Nasa Connect projects): website
Robotics Lab
Benson Limketkai
Breakouts By Subject
  • Breakout Guide Sheet (.pdf)
  • Notes from different subject groups not yet available.
Programming Lab A: Introduction To Programming
Martin Stepp
  • The pages used in this session are at this website
Programming Lab B: Teaching Programming
Stuart Reges
  • The pages used in this session are at this website
Book Discussions
Julie Letchner, Agnes Kwan / Ed Lazowska, Stuart Reges / Amanda Camp
  • Reading List Choices (.doc), (.pdf)
  • Book Discussion section notes not yet available.
Ed Lazowska
Banquet Talk
Ed Lazowska

2007 Workshop Photos

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